Fall 2021


From the Editor

What to do if examinations are not possible

Reflections on the implications of the covid pandemic for the future of international education and high stakes summative assessment

Assessing the impact of a pilot programme for inclusive wellbeing on international school teachers’ self-efficacy

The Purple Yeti in the Digital Slopes: An Action Research on Mindfulness in Physical Education Online and HyFlex Elementary Classes

Towards Sustainable Education

A Personal View On The Role Of The School Board. Part One – Why School Boards Don’t Work

How about Internationally-Minded EAL education?

Historical Vignette:

‘Education should be Fun’ – David Styan 1937 – 2021: His Contribution to International Education

Myth, guidance counselling and dropping out of university

Has Autoethnography a role in International Schools’ Research?

Book Review

  • Education and Elitism: Challenges and Opportunities. Conrad Hughes (2021)
  • The Goldilocks Map. A classroom teacher’s quest to evaluate ‘brain based’ teaching advice. Andrew Watson
  • DAVID SUTCLIFFE Pioneer of International Education; His Life, His Words and His Legacy