April 2011


Celebrating 30 Years 

Building a case for cultural sensitivity through personal storytelling and interpersonal dialogue in international education

Religion and spirituality: drivers or obstacles to international learning

Promoting peace through international education

What is a serious academic doing meddling with animated documentary graphics?

The future of leadership – what will it take to succeed?

Promoting professional learning from within

A holistic, international approach to early childhood education

Facing history and ourselves in post-conflict societies

Historical vignettes: the origins of the IB Middle Years Programme. Part one

Book Reviews:

Gifted Lives: What Happens When Gifted Children Grow Up

Overschooled but Undereducated

Global Dreams, Enduring Tensions

Sites of Multilingualism: Complementary Schools In Britain Today

Schooling Internationally: Globalisation, internationalism and the future of international schools