Spring 2023

Spring 2023


Introduction / Peggy Pelonis

From The Editor / Caroline Ellwood

The Journal Is Born / Mary Langford

Festival Of Hope, Creating Spaces For Millions Of Young People / Olli Pekka Heinonen

A Human Learning Ecosystem For Our Times: Bringing Simplicity And System To Global Learning / Kevin Bartlett

AI And The Evolution Of Education: Embracing The Potential By Exploring / David Miles

ECIS – Our Story / Kam Chohan

Historical Vignette – A choice from the past. This article was first published in April 2007. Other People can also be Right: Thoughts on Being a Global Citizen / Samir Al Farra

Where Do International School Leaders Look To For Their Moral Compass? / Terry Haywood

Reflections On The Evolution Of Theory Of Knowledge Within The International Baccalaureate Diploma / Malcolm Davis

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme: Prospects For Liberal Education In Post-Neoliberal Times / James Cambridge

International Schools, Looking Back And Moving Forward / Mary Hayden and Jeff Thompson


Fall 2022

Fall 2022


From The Editor / Caroline Ellwood

Pechersk School International, Kyiv, Ukraine: The Story Of How – Learning Continues In A School Impacted By War / Rachel Caldwell

History – The First Casualty Of War – A Lesson From Tolstoy’s ‘War And Peace.’ / Paul Regan

Tea And Oysters: Metaphors For A Global Education / George Walker

Conscious And Unconscious Culture / Richard Pearce

Critical Hope For Culturally Responsive International Schools / Darnell Fine, Wendy Windust

Students’ Experiences Of The Dot B Mindfulness Program In The Middle Years Programme Of The International Baccalaureate In The Netherlands / Mary. C. Kelly

Historical Vignette – Ruminations From Grey Mattern And 5 Key Research Projects In International Education From The Interwar Years, Part 2 / Bob Sylvester

International Schools – A Developing Market And An Innovative Sector / Nalini Cook

Accreditation, Strategic Planning, And Distributive Leadership: A Single And Powerful Process For Engaging And Empowering A Community To Build The Desired Culture Of Learning And CoCreate A Road Map For Growth – A Case Study: St Johnsbury Academy, Jeju, South Korea / Darlene Fisher, Michael Fisher

‘It Opened My Mind’: Namibian Teacher Professional Development Via EdCamp / Joanne M. Marshall, Rick Fitzpatrick

Book Review

  • Interpreting International Education: In Honour Of Professor Jeff Thompson / Richard Caffyn

Spring 2022

Spring 2022


Past, Present, Future: The IB Is A Leading Edge In A Changing World / Olli-Pekka Heinonen

The Advantages Of NNESTs – Non-Native English-Speaking Teachers – As Role Models In International Schools / Maurice Carder

Towards A More Effective Board: A Personal View. Part Two / Peter MacKenzie

Hope, Love, And Equity:

A Critically Conscious Systems Thinking Approach / Amy Lassiter Ardell, Margaret Sauceda Curwen, and Kevin James Stockbridge

International Schools And The Impact Of COVID-19: Personal Observations Amidst The Pandemic / Robert Harrison

An Exploration Of IB MYP Teachers’ Personal Beliefs About Education And How They Correspond To The Philosophy Of The MYP / Mary. C. Kelly

Seven Liminal Moments In The History Of International Education (1851-1950) / Bob Sylvester

Innovative Orientation Approaches At IB World Schools / Rick Fitzpatrick

The Spacs Programme: A Case Study On Building Effective Collaboration Between Educators And Students / Antonios Karampelas, Maira Pyrgioti, Dimitrios Athanasopoulos, Barbara Simonetou, et al.

Obituary George Walker: A Remarkable Man, A Remarkable Life / Mary Hayden and Jeff Thompson

Book Review

  • The False Promise Of Global Learning: Why Education Needs Boundaries. By Alex Standish (2012) London: Continuum / James Cambridge
  • The Needful: A Year In An International School In Africa By Peter Mackenzie The Book Guild Ltd. 2022 / David Wilkinson

Fall 2021

Fall 2021


From the Editor

What to do if examinations are not possible

Reflections on the implications of the covid pandemic for the future of international education and high stakes summative assessment

Assessing the impact of a pilot programme for inclusive wellbeing on international school teachers’ self-efficacy

The Purple Yeti in the Digital Slopes: An Action Research on Mindfulness in Physical Education Online and HyFlex Elementary Classes

Towards Sustainable Education

A Personal View On The Role Of The School Board. Part One – Why School Boards Don’t Work

How about Internationally-Minded EAL education?

Historical Vignette:

‘Education should be Fun’ – David Styan 1937 – 2021: His Contribution to International Education

Myth, guidance counselling and dropping out of university

Has Autoethnography a role in International Schools’ Research?

Book Review

  • Education and Elitism: Challenges and Opportunities. Conrad Hughes (2021)
  • The Goldilocks Map. A classroom teacher’s quest to evaluate ‘brain based’ teaching advice. Andrew Watson
  • DAVID SUTCLIFFE Pioneer of International Education; His Life, His Words and His Legacy

Spring 2021

Spring 2021


Speaking Freely about Free Speech

Thinking Locally – Taking Theory of Knowledge outside the Classroom - Part 3 of a series on teaching TOK

Investigating Students’ Perceptions on the Assessment of the Theory of Knowledge Course in the International

Baccalaureate Diploma Program

Exploring the Clustering of Elite Traditional International School Graduates at Global Universities

Widening Gaps

E-Learning: Implications for educators in China

ECIS: LEADING FOR THE FUTURE: From Surviving to Thriving

Facing up to Complexity: The tension between convictions and experiences

In Memoriam 1. Gerard Renaud: Idealist and Visionary

In Memoriam 2. ISA: “The genesis of a pedagogical revolution”

Historical Vignette: Rhodes Must Fall: The tale of two statues

Book Review: Phil Beadle, The Fascist Painting: What is Cultural Capital?

Book Review: Teaching and Learning in International Schools. (2021)


October 2020

October 2020


Part One:

International Schools react to the COVID-19 crisis in education

Powerful Pedagogy: Lessons Learned from our Remote Learning Experience

A Six-Stage Approach to Creating a Meaningful Online Educational Programme at a K-12 International Girls’ School in South Korea

Four Pillars Suggested as Necessary to Develop Conscious Young World Citizens

A Global Community of Practice: Teaching Multilingual Learners Online

Negotiating Lock-Down: A Study in Creativity and Well-being

Commitment to Culture, Conventions and Creativity during the Coronavirus Pandemic: A School’s Journey

Towards Sustainable Education: Lessons from COVID-19

COVID-19 and the Future for International Schools: Speculations over a Socially Distanced Coffee… 

Part Two:

Anti-Racism and International Schools

Teaching Anti-discrimination and Race in the Wake of the Black Lives Matter Movement - Two Educators’ Reflections and Suggestions

Teaching the Inquisitive: The Qualities and Considerations Necessary to be a Successful Teacher of Theory of Knowledge in the IBDP. Part 2

Book Review

Piketty, T. (2020) Capital and Ideology

Milburn, K. (2019) Generation Left

May 2020

May 2020


ISJ Re-thinking the purpose of ‘International Schooling’: 50 years after Leach

Questioning the enduring impact of international education – insights from alumni

Rethinking International Education: Leadership and Management

Culture: its present and future role in International Education

Co-operative Learning through Group Work

Immersion in Collaboration: Supporting Multilingualism and Academic Success

Historical Vignette - A Reflection on the ‘Why’ of ECIS

Book Review - Perspectives on the IB Diploma Core, edited by Judith Fabian, Mary Hayden and Jeff Thompson 

Obituary: Stefanos Gialamas

Obituary: Michael Maybury

Obituary: David Sutcliffe and Colin Jenkins


October 2019

October 2019


Redesigning Education for the Future: Integrating K-12 and Higher Education Learning

Book Review: Second Language Learners in International Schools. Maurice Carder, Patricia Mertin, Sarah Porter

Who is Rethinking International Education?

International Education and Capitalism

Nature and Nurture of Educational Diversity

Using Online Discussion Forums to Empower 21st Century Learners

Teaching the Inquisitive: The Qualities and Considerations Necessary to be a Successful Teacher of TOK (Theory of Knowledge) in the IBDP

The Diversity Collaborative: Cultivating Diverse International School Leaders

An inquiry into drama teacher perceptions of the extent to which their practices are shaped by different forms of assessment – using as a specific case study MYP pedagogy and the IB MYP Arts e-assessment

Book Review: Marco Duranti (2017) The Conservative Human Rights Revolution: European Identity, Transnational Politics, and the Origins of the European Convention

Obituary: Edna Murphy, Founder and Editor of ISJ, 1981 -2003

Some Personal Memories of Edna Murphy


November 2018

November 2018


The International Schools Journal

Resolving conflicts in international schools through an understanding of culture

A reality check: What it means when a Chinese school embraces international education

Cultural borderlands: Cultural dissonance in the international school

From Ancient Greece to Mayan temples to Arabian souqs; bringing music and mathematics alive through interdisciplinary learning

Ambiguity, uncertainty and the ‘post-truth’ world: Implications for the IB Diploma Programme Theory of Knowledge Course

Gender and sexual diversity in international schools

The IB at 50: Developments in the Asia Pacific Region – a golden era

Continuing the discussion of international education in the ‘Global South’: A Cambridge perspective

A rationale for the Cambridge Assessment International Education standards for school self-evaluation

40 years of the International Schools Theatre Association

ISJpages November 2018.indd 3 14/11/2018 09:05

4 International Schools Journal Vol XXXVIII No.1 November 2018

Book Reviews 

Growing up in Transit: The politics of belonging at an international school, by Danau Tanu

Thinking the Unthinkable: A new imperative for leadership in a disruptive age, by Nik Gowing and Chris Langdon

April 2018

April 2018


Celebrating 50 years of the IB

A dilemma and an opportunity for the IB@50

The IB introduces the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP) – the story from Kent and Finland

IB developments in Africa

The role of Theory of Knowledge, Creativity, Activity and Service and Extended Essay within the IB Diploma Programme

The essentials of international leadership

The next 50 years: a higher calling?

The Why and How of education for the greater good

Valuing diversity

Challenging the monolingual habitus of international school classrooms

Authentic learning: Boosting ELL language and academic proficiency development

Recruiting international educators in a global teacher shortage: Research for practice

Book Review:

Understanding Prejudice and Education: the challenge for future generations


November 2017

November 2017


International Education in the ‘Global South’: An International Baccalaureate Perspective

How Can Education Reduce Prejudice in the 21st Century?

Transforming K-12 Educational Institutions: The Global Morfosis Paradigm (gMp)

The International Baccalaureate Standards and Practices as Reflected in Literature

Beyond Partisanship: Traditional vs Progressive

Students Meeting Art: Teaching Creativity in Thailand

Engaging with Difference, Global Citizenship and the Dutch Zwarte Piet: Finding Ways Forward

International Education at the University of Bath: the story so far,

The theories of Lev Vygostsky as a framework for a critical analysis of learning during drama festivals organized by the International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA),

Book Reviews:

Empowering Learning: The Importance of Being Experiential

Playing with Fire: Embracing Risk and Danger in Schools

April 2017

April 2017


Producing citizens of the world – or of nowhere? Prospects for international schools and international education in a post-Brexit polity.

Evolving the IB Middle Years Programme: Part three – Assessment

Authentic Learning: Boosting ELL Language and Academic Proficiency Development

‘Best fit’ college placement for student-athletes: a comprehensive model for international schools

School with Two Hearts: creating an identity to support learning

Collaboration between Admissions Offices and Learning Support Departments in inclusive schools: The experience of the International School of Brussels

The Misfortune of Impetuous Decisions: Reasons why research, critical thinking, and a bit of scepticism are needed to tame our initiatives

A Tribute to ISA – ‘The International Schools Association’ – on its 65th Anniversary

Book Reviews: 

Preventing and countering extremism and terrorist recruitment

Revolutionizing K-12 Blended Learning through the i²Flex Classroom Model


November 2016

November 2016


Engaging with difference: finding ways forward.

Where are you from? The real power of imagined Home

Breaking through the cultural bubble: International schools engaging at the local level

How culture affects how Chinese students approach learning in western education environments

Reciprocal-relational teaching: culturally-responsive pedagogy in the Pacific Islands

International schools as ‘institutions’ and the issue of ‘legitimacy’

Implementing assessment criterion F in the IBDP Extended Essay: What advice should supervisors give to candidates?

Responsive language acquisition: a Singapore paradigm

The beginning of a blended learning experience in Theory of Knowledge

Extending admissions roles and understandings from the micro to the macro level

Effective instructional leadership strategies: the value of disconnecting from work

Ian Hill reflects on his years in education

Book Reviews:

Proust and the Squid: the story and science of the reading brain

Whose History? Essays in Perception

Obituary - William Powell

April 2016

April 2016


What is an International School? Part two considers: ‘a way forward?’

From theory to practice: A critical review of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme

French ... a by-product?

Learning to read: Where does it happen?

The Free Classroom Creative Assignment: leveraging student strengths to enhance learning

Mathematics education – making it fit for purpose

The International Baccalaureate: guidance counselling, predictions and the Middle Years Programme

Developing a culture of feedback through microteaching

The Alliance for International Education: retrospective and prospective

Book Reviews:

Infusing IB philosophy and pedagogy into Chinese language teaching

The Discursive Construction of Intercultural Understanding in China: A case study of an International Baccalaureate Diploma Program


November 2015

November 2015


International education – for saints or sinners?

International schools – creative communities with a cause

Finding creative solutions to the security challenges terrorism is bringing to international schools

Moving from ‘womanless history’ to women stepping up into school leadership roles

Meeting the needs of a changing landscape: new innovations in international teacher preparation

The Internet of Things: ethics of our connectivity

What is an ‘international school’? Part one

Evolving the IB Middle Years Programme

Part two: school structures, implementation and impact research

Book Reviews:

Can Non-Europeans Think?

Second Language Students in English-Medium Classrooms

A Guide for Teachers in International Schools

What is education for? The views of great thinkers and their relevance today

April 2015

April 2015


The challenge of nurturing intercultural competence in young people

Valuing languages and cultures: the first step towards developing intercultural understanding

Intercultural understanding and national contexts: bicycle needs frame

Bravely searching for the ‘Nature of intercultural understanding’

Peace and tolerance – value education discourse in India

The inter-cultural toolbox – a means for developing intercultural competencies

Evolving the IB Middle Years Programme: Curriculum

Tracing the path of ESL provision in international schools over the last four decades

From good idea to global influence: ECIS turns 50

Book Reviews:

The changing landscape of international schooling: implications for theory and practice.

The Restless School


November 2014

November 2014


Peace education beyond the mission statement

War Poetry in the 21st century: legacy, context, relevance – and the poetry...

Lessons from Hiroshima: building cultures of peace in international education

WW1 battlefields as a way to promote internationalism: some practical suggestions

Languages in competition and conflict: mechanisms of linguistic evolution

Are strategic plans truly strategic?

Big History, part two

E-portfolio: time to reflect

Clarifying the relationship between teacher movement and culture: four teacher profiles

The impact of technology tools on literacy motivation on elementary school English language learners: podcasting in a 4th grade EAL class

Historical vignette – Tracing the path of ESL provision in international schools over the last four decades. Part one

Learning in a digitalized age: Plugged in, turned on, totally engaged?

April 2014

April 2014


The significance of Jerome Bruner

Teacher dependent discourse patterns: variations in student discourse roles in an International Baccalaureate school – a mathematics focus

Globally-minded students: defining, measuring and developing intercultural sensitivity. Part 2

Big history

Twenty-first century learning from a third century BC perspective

The World Studies Extended Essay: challenging students on global issues – an interdisciplinary approach

1 1=? Some thoughts on creativity

International education and national education – can they co-exist?

Historical vignette - A Middle Eastern Odyssey

Global Education Under Attack: International Baccalaureate in America

The OIQ Factor: Raising your school’s organizational intelligence

International Education and Schools: Moving Beyond the First 40 Years

Glimpses of Utopia - A lifetime’s education


November 2013

November 2013


Striking the balance: Promoting the rule of law and the role of education in the work of the United Nations

Supporting the professional development of teaching assistants in an international context

No data left behind

Providing exceptional educational experiences to students with financial need A modern challenge for international K-12 Schools

The future of the librarian as a meta-data specialist

Using energizers to enhance memory recall in grade 8

Globally-minded students: defining, measuring and developing intercultural sensitivity

Curriculum for global citizenship

The teacher’s managed heart in an international school setting

Historical vignette – Dr T Michael Maybury

Book Reviews:

Mind your Head – An Emotional Intelligence Guide for School Leaders

Cracked: Why Psychiatry is Doing More Harm Than Good

April 2013

April 2013


A new language for culture, identity and values

The World Studies Extended Essay: challenging students on global issues

Finding the value of X: re-exploring the influence of teachers’ interpersonal qualities on learning

The Master of Teaching at the University of Melbourne: a clinical model for pre-service teacher preparation

Professional learning with quantifiable classroom interaction data

Fostering criticality for the iGeneration

Educational and online technologies and the way we learn

A theatre for action: adopting the Khan Academy in support of a classroom model in the MYP

Describing the dynamic nature of mathematics as a cultural product

Education beyond frontiers: early signs of international mindedness

Historical vignette – Fifty years of development: The American School of Barcelona

Book Reviews:

Internationalizing Teacher Education in the United States

Taking the IPC Forward


November 2012

November 2012


A teacher on the board: poacher or gamekeeper? A personal reflection

Intercultural communication competency for international educators

Integrated mother tongue education: three Dutch examples from the shop floor

Mission possible: the efforts of the IB to align mission and vision with daily practice

Teaching about migration in an international school?

An instrument to measure traditional and cyber bullying in overseas schools

Digital game-based curriculum? My child doesn’t play computer games

Curiosity, a condition for learning

Educational institutions: preparing young people to serve humanity

Historical vignettes – Child-centred pedagogy, internationalism and bilingualism at the International School of Geneva

Book Reviews:

Schools for the Future Europe: Values and Change beyond Lisbon

Internationalizing Teacher Education in the United States

Learning and Teaching about Islam: Essays in Understanding

April 2012

April 2012


Tea and oysters: metaphors for a global education

Creating contact zones: ISTA festivals and the practice of WE

Creative institutional partnerships that enhance experiential learning in times of crisis

Routes to international higher education: university admission officers’ research

Pedagogic discourse: a language for the description and analysis of international curriculum implementation

Online learning in the IB

Documenting strategic intent and progress with action plans

Reflection on what is implied by ‘international’ with reference to international education and international schools

Defining and evaluating international-mindedness in a school context

Historical vignettes – Then and Now: What has become of the Atlantic College project?

Book Review

The Changing Face of International Education; Challenges for the IB


November 2011

November 2011


Cultural communication: increasing intercultural understanding to enhance collaboration in educational communities

Helping struggling teens – the ones who need more than we can provide

An unbeatable pedagogy: gaming strategies that impact learning

A dialogue between the Reggio Emilia Experience and the IB Primary Years Programme

Theory of knowledge and the fantastical claims of science in the 21st century

ESL in international schools in the IBMYP: the elephant under the table

Supporting teachers in their delivery of an internationally-minded curriculum

Optimizing ESL programs in international schools

Historical vignettes: The origins of the IB Middle Years Programme, part two

Book Review

Research Methods in Education

Film Review


April 2011

April 2011


Celebrating 30 Years 

Building a case for cultural sensitivity through personal storytelling and interpersonal dialogue in international education

Religion and spirituality: drivers or obstacles to international learning

Promoting peace through international education

What is a serious academic doing meddling with animated documentary graphics?

The future of leadership – what will it take to succeed?

Promoting professional learning from within

A holistic, international approach to early childhood education

Facing history and ourselves in post-conflict societies

Historical vignettes: the origins of the IB Middle Years Programme. Part one

Book Reviews:

Gifted Lives: What Happens When Gifted Children Grow Up

Overschooled but Undereducated

Global Dreams, Enduring Tensions

Sites of Multilingualism: Complementary Schools In Britain Today

Schooling Internationally: Globalisation, internationalism and the future of international schools


November 2010

November 2010


Method – ELSE. For schools where children teach themselves

Transforming elite education for the 21st century

The Primary Years Programme and First Steps (2nd edition) literacy resources

Using drama to improve oral skills in the ESL classroom

Looking beneath the tip of the iceberg: cultural intelligence in international education

Complexities of a maintenance bilingual programme – a Thai case study

A growing need for support: rising population of students with ASD and LD

The role of the international school counselor

An international perspective of academic leadership

Historical vignettes: Robert Blackburn (1927-1990)

Book Reviews:

Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Teacher

Effective Marketing, Communications and Development

April 2010

April 2010


Teaching in multilingual classrooms

Personality and its effect on relationships and teaching and learning styles

From Local or International to Colloquial or Cosmopolitan - refining how we look at the populations of international schools

Cultural differences in cognitive learning at international schools

Turning the teaching of languages inside out: embedding the Mother Tongue (MT) into the school

Enabling long-term effective school leadership: nine ways to understand and utilise micropolitics in international schools

Putting students in control of teaching and learning: some lessons from Joseph Lancaster’s monitorial system

Teaching is teamwork: preparing for, planning, and implementing effective co-teaching practice

Historical vignettes: Ruth Bonner IB pioneer

Book Reviews:


International Mindedness: A Professional Development Handbook for International Schools

International Schools as Organizations: a population ecology approach


November 2009

November 2009


The changing nature of communication and its effect on schools

The implementation of web accessibility standards for learning content management systems in international schools

ESL or ‘EAL’? Programme or ‘support’? The baggage that comes with names

Engaging with the foundations of literacy, supporting ESL and EAL students across the international school curriculum

The emergence of ‘internationally-minded’ national schools in Australia

Global revolutions in higher education: the international schools’ perspective

Developing a community of enquiry to teach the ‘morals’ syllabus in a European school

What should students learn?

An external and objective performance review of a school’s management team - why this is a vital tool for boards

The spice of life? Food-related metaphors for international education

Historical vignettes: 25 years of Fieldworks Education

Book Review

Educating for Global Citizenship

April 2009

April 2009


Education and the shifting global context

International education: a bridge to intercultural understanding

Embracing the plural: taking an educational approach to cultures that resists reduction

Are values universal?

The values and behaviours supporting a holistic approach to education: can they be described as global?

Leadership for learning: conversations that matter

The invisible constituency: non-teaching staff in international schools

We live in a Wikiworld. Should our students?

The IKEA school

For better or for worse: marrying business realities with the ideals of international education

Perkins School for the Blind Educational Leadership Program

Historical vignettes: Gérard Renaud


November 2008

November 2008


The emergence of ‘cultivated’ international schools in Britain

The negotiation of identity in an international school setting

Branding your school: ten lessons in marketing not to be ignored

UbD and PYP: complementary planning frameworks

Seven steps on how the international education community can prevent school based homophobia and homophobic bullying and harassment

Not by STRs alone

Leadership in international schools: nine short case studies

Challenging experiences – what do students learn?

Historical vignettes: John Goormaghtigh

Book review

Proust and the Squid, Maryanne Wolf

April 2008

April 2008


Challenging assumptions about international education research

How one international school is integrating information technology into its classrooms and the PYP

The broadening compass of Education for Democratic Citizenship

Understanding the historical context: history as an investigative lens in studying the micropolitics of international schools

Children on the move: using Pollock’s transition model for better understanding of internationally mobile primary-aged pupils

The Parent Principal

The Reischauer Scholars Program: a Stanford University-based distancelearning course for high school students

Classifying bilingual education

Early stirrings in international education

Part XIV: IB regional offices

Book reviews

Equal rights to the curriculum: Many Languages, One Message

Making the Difference: Differentiation in International Schools


November 2007

November 2007


An insight into the diversity of board structures in international schools

Beneath the surface: inside cultures of boards of independent schools

Ethical decision-making by educational leaders: its historical context and useful frameworks

International schools: exponential growth and future implications

Copyright, Fair Use, and overseas schools

What strategies do IGCSE examiners use to mark candidates’ scripts?

Can technology support international school missions?

Balancing language and content: teaching English language learners in the 21st century

The IB and languages

Early stirrings in international education Part XIII: expansion of IB offices

Book reviews

Where does international education end? The Sage Handbook of Research in International Education

International Trustee Handbook: A guide to effective governance for independent school boards

April 2007

April 2007


Differentiating instruction for girls and boys

Other people can also be right: thoughts on being a global citizen

Possible counselling interventions in relation to young people and the issue of ‘coming out’

Enquiry into learning from intergenerational practice: an invitation to schoolbased researchers

Western teachers and Thai parents: are there similar views and expectations of an education in an international school?

Private-public initiative in action: after-school foreign language training for elementary schoolers

Questions arising from the process of schooling and institutionalized violence

Early stirrings in international education Part XII: marketing the IB Diploma Programme to ministries of education

Book Reviews

Imagining Multilingual Schools – Languages in Education and Glocalization

Introduction to International Education, International Schools and their Communities

Bilinguilism in International Schools


November 2006

November 2006


Extremism, terrorism, nationalism, protectionism – is there any room left for optimism?

Challenges facing faith schools in internationalising their curriculum

Building bridges of minds and hearts

Developing a comprehensive support programme for families in transition: a working model in practice

Ethical decision making by educational leaders: the need for a cultural multiparadigm approach

KIS and WIS: perspectives on an affiliation

An insight into the site movement of CIS accredited international schools

Early stirrings in international education Part XI: marketing the IB Diploma Programme to universities and schools

Book Review

One Nation Under Therapy

April 2006

April 2006


Peace and Conflict Studies: the first three decades

Waste not, want not: teacher attrition and retention in global schools

Teaming up: the advantages of pooling resources in professional development

Going beyond foreign languages. Psychology of bilingualism and expatriate life

An insight into the low founding base of many international schools

Critical approaches to researching cross-cultural management in international schools

International but not global: how international school curricula fail to address global issues and how this must change

Early stirrings in international education Part X: school heads and governments rescue the IB project

Letter to the Editor:Bilingualism and the CIS Accreditation process.

Book Review

International Education and Conflict


November 2005

November 2005


A case for international mindfulness

Conflict and its resolution in the governance and management of international schools

The internet is changing the way your students think

To what extent do the Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate Organization provide a coherent and consistent educational continuum?

Seeing ourselves: the student perspective

One October night in Bali: A resource base for the study of terrorism

The International School of Havana’s experience with the Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers

Early stirrings in international education part 1X: evaluation of the IB project 1967-76

Letter to the Editor: The CIS accreditation process and the issue of bilingualism

Book review

Decolonisation, Globalisation: Language in Education Policy and Practice

April 2005

April 2005


Part one

The Alliance for International Education – making possible the age of influence

What must a school do to be globally responsible?

Human rights, education and international-mindedness

IBO partnerships: influencing the quality of international education

Of onions and ruins: knowing cultures through their heritage?

Part two

Perceptions of death

Using electronic portfolios in higher education

Career metaphor and the international school teacher

Bilingualism and the Council of International Schools (CIS)


November 2004

November 2004


Ambushed by technology – or liberated?

From MYP to Diploma: an investigation into the impact of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme on International Baccalaureate Diploma candidates

Integrating the IBMYP and IGCSE: Report on the International Conference held in Muscat, Oman, March 10-12, 2004

Interpersonal teacher behaviour in international schools

The impact of moves on international school students: a transition study in Argentina

Ethical pluralism in sport and education

Breaking down the boundaries: rethinking professional development through ICT

A story of data-guided international school improvement

Early stirrings in international education Part VIII: IB trial examinations and experimental period: 1967-76

Book Reviews

Bridging the Culture Gap: A Practical Guide to International Business Communication

April 2004

April 2004


International Cultural Overpass: its relation to and alienation from indigenous culture

Mobility in metaphor: colourful descriptions of Third Culture Kids

Overload and role ambiguity in international schools: the evidence from public relations activity

Developing partnerships for differentiation

Reading and writing strategies that prepare students for Advanced Placement courses

Strategic planning: a practical approach for international schools

The role of the teacher librarian in an international school

Oracy’s central role in teaching mathematics effectively to EAL students

Early stirrings in international education Part VII: IB Diploma curriculum design: late 1960s – early 1970s

Book Reviews

Beyond A levels: Curriculum 2000 and the Reform of 14-19 Qualifications

New Kid in School